• DuPont Corian

    DuPont Corian is available in a vast range of trendsetting patterns and tones as well as custom-designed colors. Corian solid surfaces deliver high performance and impeccable aesthetics. Corian makes all your design expectations come to life!

  • Dupont Zodiaq

    DuPont Zodiaq countertops can bring your imagination to life. With the variety of colors available, you will experience quartz as you never have before.

  • Caesarstone

    Caesarstone was a pioneer of natural quartz surfaces market when it was founded in 1987. Caesarstone is constantly at the forefront of innovation in the countertop industry by working with some of the world’s leading designers to create breakthrough designs. Caesarstone provides surfaces that require minimal maintenance to keep it as good as new.

  • Cambria

    Cambria is constantly launching new designs to the market. With new distribution centers opening around the globe, they Cambria is always making more room to grow on an international level. You can always count on Cambria to have the latest styles and trends of the countertop industry.

  • Silestone

    Silestone countertops are available in over 90 colors, assuring you the perfect countertop for your design. With a variety of textures available, Silestone provides endless possibilities for your countertop design.

  • PentalQuartz

    PentalQuartz takes the natural beauty of stone and pairs it with superior strength and durability to create a timeless look for your new space. The surfaces of PentalQuartz require little maintenance to keep it looking clean and new! Allow them to create a countertop that will complement your personal aesthetic and bring beauty to your space.

  • IceStone

    IceStone is a team of manufacturers, curators and changemakers, producing recycled glass surfaces in Brooklyn, NY since 2003. They started the company over a simple concept; transform waste glass into something beautiful, and that is exactly what they did and continue to do.

Countertop Materials

  • Granite

    Granite countertops provide a durable surface that is available in a variety of colors and styles. Granite is a natural stone defined as a crystalline, granular rock. Granite is considered a high-end product with many benefits, two being, it’s beautiful appearance and scratch-resistant.

  • Marble

    Marble is a beautiful and durable stone that is used for many areas of the kitchen. Marble is typically used for kitchen islands, baking areas, backsplashes and wet bars.

  • Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel countertops are typically used in the restaurant industry, however, quite a few homeowners love the unique look for their home. The main reason why stainless-steel countertops are used a lot in restaurants is because they’re virtually indestructible! Stainless steel is not only durable and resilient to almost anything, but also gives your space a unique look.

  • Wood

    Wood countertops add special type of warmth to every room. Wood countertops, most popular now than ever, are now available with waterproof finishes. There are many different types of wood you can choose from, each adding a special addition to any room of your home.

  • Concrete

    Concrete is becoming a popular material that homeowners and designers are requesting to put into their homes, offices, etc. Concrete is an extremely versatile material with many colors, finishes and shapes available.